ILO / LiteOn SMART Firmware Hacker!

 Written by Mr. Wizard! 


"DVDRHD04 to LVW-5045 Conversion Project" has been completed, unfortunately there is no easy way of converting the units.
The goal was for a simple firmware crossover upgrade, but as it turned out the units needed disassembled, and manual access of the flash was needed.
I will post details as soon as I can, but since the units are both now superseded by other models, it may just be outdated information for many.

This program Removes Macrovision, Set's Region Free, and Enables LP Record Mode if the firmware does not have it.
This will work for future firmware releases (and already has, without having to be updated!)
This is because the program searches for the correct area of the firmware to hack, and then hacks it for you!
Works for *ALL LiteOn LVW-XXXX and ILO Firmwares (*except LiteOn model LVW-5101)
Should also work for Daytek and Gateway and Philips Clones. (ILO is a rebranded LiteOn)

Links to some Clones of the LiteOn DVD Recorders... Daytek

Version History:
1.5b - Updated x076 firmware detection code. (3/18/2005)
1.5  - Added ability to disable LP and Region hacks, for troubleshooting & future compatability purposes.
1.4b - ported code from 1.3b to enable LP Mode hack for XXXX2180 firmware.
1.4  - Added support to enable 3HR LP Mode on X076 LiteOn Firmwares.
1.3b - Fixed an issue where some LiteOn firmware checksums were not correct.
1.3  - Added LP Mode hack for more LiteOn Firmwares (XXXX1098 included).
1.2b - Fixed bug that would add LP mode hack to firmwares that did not need it.
1.2  - Added ability to hack DVDRHD04 to enable LP Mode (3HR mode).
1.1  - Added ability to hack all regions of firmware & liteon firmware.
1.0  - Initial Release.

This program should be ran on a SYSTEM firmware update only;
Some firmware updates only contain a DRIVE update, And do NOT contain a SYSTEM update.
It is not necessary, to run this program on a DRIVE firmware update.
01) Download the newest SYSTEM firmware update from ILO's or LiteOn's Website.
02) Use WinZIP or WinRAR to decompress the firmware file. (If it is compressed)
03) Download and UnZip this program on this website.
04) Double Click ILOHack.exe to run the program.
05) Press the "Select Firmware File" button, then select the firmware you downloaded.
06) The Program will display the success results in the Status window.
07) The location of your new hacked firmware file is displayed in the status window.
08) In the Setup menu of the unit, look for "Restore" and select it. (unit will do a system restore)
09) Burn the hacked firmware file to CD-R as a DATA CD & Finalize it.
10) Place CD-R in your DVD Recorder, an upgrade message will appear, select OK.
11) After upgrade is complete, the Tray will eject the CD-R, remove the CD-R.
12) Power OFF the DVD Recorder, then power is back ON.
13) In the Setup menu of the unit, look for "Restore" and select it. (unit will do another system restore)
14) Next you may want to "Erase" the Hard Drive. (if your model has one)

-Please email me if you find bugs,
Make SURE its a bug in this program BEFORE you email me!

[If you would like to contact me, email me at]
Please only email me about program bugs, if you need help hacking please use the forums
I get way too much email about simple questions that forums can answer, thank you.

Download ILO/LiteOn Firmware Hacker (Version 1.5b)

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