ILO / LiteOn SMART Firmware Hacker!

This program should work for future firmware releases!
This is because the program searches for the correct area
of the firmware to hack, and then hacks it for you!
Do not use this program on Already Hacked firmware!
(Tested on DVDRHD04 firmware versions: 1178, 1185, 1191, 1193)
(Tested on DVDR04 firmware versions: 1095, 1097.E20, 1097.E30)
(3 Hour hack works for firmwares that are not already enabled)
Tested & Works, I offer no guarantees, Hack at you own risk!
(3hr hack only tested on DVDRHD04, but should work for others)
(Not tested on LiteOn firmwares, but should work)
(Not tested but should also work for non-US firmware regions)
Thanks go out to Kain, GuitarMan, and others who posted info
at the forums which helped me develop this program!